The IB Diploma Programme Coordinator is Mr. Dave Miller. He always has time to talk. Most days he can be found the IB Office, affectionately known as The Fishbowl, which is located just inside the main entrance in Room 134. Typically Mr. Miller is in the school from 8:30 until 5pm.

The IB CAS Coordinator is Ms. Lisa Yasui. Most days she can be found in room 102, where she teaches Japanese.

The IB Extended Essay Coordinator is Mr. Mike Eastwood. Most days he can be found in Room 223, where he teaches Chemistry.

Our Counselling Staff is also found in Room 116. They divide responsibility for our students alphabetically by last name:

Last Name                                 Counsellor

A-H                                               Ms. Ursula Pedersen

I-Q                                                Ms. Suzanne Richard

R-Z                                                Ms. Fanoula Arvanitis

At Richmond Secondary School, our Career Information Advisor is Ms. Joanna Jones. She is our go-to person for any questions to do with the Transition to Post-Secondary life. You can schedule an appointment with her in Room 116.

Ms. Jones and our Counsellors post a great deal of useful information to this website:

Some Final Thoughts:

It is important to remember that although the IB Diploma Programme at Richmond Secondary School is for everybody, it is not for everyone.

Sometimes we lose sight of the fact that that the IB Diploma Programme simply represents one Graduation pathway available to students at Richmond Secondary School, and that achieving academic excellence in the provincial Dogwood Graduation Program is also an exceptionally challenging undertaking.

Every year there are students in the IB Diploma who struggle with its demands. If that student is you, speak to your parents, to your Counsellor, or to Mr. Miller. We’ll find a solution that works for you.

Always keep in mind that at Richmond Secondary School, the chief way that we evaluate success in the IB Diploma Programme is through the lens of the IB Learner Profile, and the central importance that it assigns to balance in a student’s life.

Academic Honesty

RSS Academic Honesty Policy

IB Learner Profile

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