The Many Paths of the IB Diploma Programme

Richmond Secondary School is proud of the very large selection of IB Courses that it offers to students each year, and the rich opportunities that these IB Courses afford our students to personalize their learning pursuits.

Current Richmond Secondary School students are eligible to enroll as either IB Diploma Candidates, or as IB Course Candidates.

Transfer Requests from students living outside Richmond Secondary’s catchment area will only be considered from students who are interested in enrolling as IB Diploma Candidates.

Please be aware that, in the event that there is insufficient initial enrollment in IB Courses offered in the Grade 11 Course Selection process, some IB Courses and/or Levels may not run in each IB Cohort.  On such occasions, in order to remain eligible for an IB Diploma, students may be required to select an alternate Course and/or Level.

Please note carefully that all IB Courses are two-year learning commitments.

IB Diploma Candidates

IB Diploma Candidates must enroll in six IB Courses, three or four of which must be at the Higher Level. This means that two or three IB Courses must be at the Standard Level.

IB Diploma Candidates must enroll in one course in each of Groups 1 thru 5. For their sixth course, students may freely choose from Groups 2 through 6.

For timetabling reasons, IB Diploma Candidates at Richmond Secondary School may only take one Higher Level Group 4 Course.

IB Diploma Candidates are also required to enroll in the three additional IB Core Courses: Theory of Knowledge (TOK), Creativity-Activity-Service (CAS), and the 4000 word Extended Essay (EE).

An IB Diploma will be awarded to students who successfully undertake the demanding Internal Assessments in each subject area, and sit comprehensive final exams in May of their Grade 12 year. The three IB Core Courses (TOK, CAS, and EE) are central to the growth of students in the IB Diploma Programme and are defining elements of a genuinely successful IB Diploma.

IB Course Candidates

IB Course Candidates may take any number of IB Courses at any level, subject to availability. While IB Course Candidates will receive a formal Certificate from IB upon successful completion of their coursework, they will not receive an IB Diploma Certificate.

Personalized Learning

Given that Richmond Secondary School permits students to enroll as either Diploma Candidates or Course Candidates, there is not a common, uniform IB Experience in the school. This ensures that there are many paths through the IB Diploma Programme, each equally valid, that allow each student the opportunity to personalize their own learning.

Take a peek at the Many Paths of the IB Diploma Programme to get a sense of how a student can tailor the IB Diploma Programme to pursue his or her personal interests.

The Many Paths of the IB Diploma Programme