Students learn a great deal about themselves as they go through the IB Diploma Programme, as it compels them to examine and explore what they value personally.

Many IB Diploma Students discover what they value personally as they pursue opportunities in CAS, and recognize that their involvement in the school and the community is an expression of their own, personal values.

This expression of their personal values carries on at the university level: research done by UBC Associate Registrar Andrew Arida found that IB Diploma Students are twice as likely to be involved in student government and student leadership activities as Non-IB Students, and nearly twice as likely to be involved in volunteer work as non-IB Students. These experiences enrich student lives and open up doors to unexpected and fulfilling opportunities.

Picture1ddSource: UBC Admissions and the Benefits of the IBDP BC,

Andrew Arida, UBC Associate Registrar & Director, Undergraduate Admissions and Student Recruitment & Advising

This is critically important research to be aware of, as Universities across the globe have a strong preference for students who are active in their own communities prior to Undergraduate Admission, as they feel it is predictive of future involvement in their own University communities.

Universities want to fill their school with people who are going to be active participants in their community, and they know that IB Students are considerably more likely to be involved in their community than non-IB Students.