Historically, The IB Diploma Programme at Richmond Secondary has been particularly successful at graduating Candidates with IB Diplomas: over the past 12 years, our Diploma success rate is 88%, almost 10% higher than the World Average during that time.

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This is not to say that achieving an IB Diploma is a breeze. It requires hard work, and there will be occasions that will challenge the best students. Each student who has achieved an IB Diploma has faced numerous trials during the course of their two-year journey, and during those trials, it may seem as though reaching the end of the journey is an impossible task.

But it is important to recognize that each and every one of the students represented in the graph above found a way to stick it out through tough times, and after their exams in May they learned a critical lesson: that, if they persevere through difficult times, they can achieve anything they set their mind to.

This empowering realization is vital in the development of resilience and resourcefulness in our students, two qualities which are essential for future academic and employment success.