Assessment in the IB Diploma Programme is different than in the BC Graduation Program.

In each subject area, to fulfill the requirements of the IB Diploma Programme, Candidates must complete rigorous Internal Assessments and sit comprehensive final examinations.

All assessment is subject to subsequent external moderation.

In each course, a student is awarded a score on a scale that ranges from 1 to a top score of 7.

Assessment in the IB Diploma Programme is criterion-referenced. Grade Descriptors for each course are provided.

Three additional points are available for students to earn based upon the merits of their work in the Extended Essay and Theory of Knowledge.

As a result, the maximum score that a student can achieve in the IB Diploma Programme is 45 points.

Worldwide, fewer than 1% of Diploma Candidates receive 45 points, and only 5% of Diploma Candidates receive more than 40 points.

An IB Diploma is typically awarded to Candidates who earn 24 points or more.

Although UBC admits IB Diploma Candidates solely on the basis of their Diploma Scores, it uses the following Scale to convert IB Grades into Percentages for IB Course Candidates:

IB Score                    Equivalent %

7                                  95

6                                  90

5                                  86

4                                  76

3                                  70

Diploma EE-TOK Points Matrix

IB DP Assessment Principles and Practice

IB DP Grade Descriptors